Known Dolphins: STEV

January 2009 – January 2019 Steve 2009 vs. 2019. Florida East Coast resident dolphin Steve wanted to join the #howharddidaginghityou challenge! He was rescued from entanglement in 2012 by Hubbs researchers Wendy Noke-Durden & Teresa Mazza-Jablonski and named after the FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute officer who spotted and cared for him until our team’s arrival. Over the […]

Trip and Calf 082018

Known Dolphins: TRIP

(Scroll down for older information) December 2018 During routine photo ID surveys conducted in December 2018, our team spotted TRIP accompanied by her four calves, including her nearly seven-month old, nicknamed “SLIP”. The group was seen engaging in feeding behavior which corresponded with a very active “mullet run- when mullet travel from cold waters to […]