Research Programs

Benefiting Florida’s Oceans:

What We Do:

Marine Mammal Stranding Response

Dolphin Photo Identification

Otter Spotter, Citizen Science Project

How We Do It:

Thriving Marine Life: Preventing Disease and Transmission. We investigate why strandings occur and monitor behavior/success of rehabilitated animals returned to sea. We also work with coastal communities to prevent injuries to free-ranging marine mammals and work diligently to understand the abundance and distribution of estuarine dolphins

Ocean health: Preserving Habitats and Ecosystems. In our rapidly changing world, interactions between humans and marine life are increasing. We swim in the same waters and share a dependence on the ocean’s resources.

Indian River Lagoon Solutions: Understanding and preventing diminished marine animal health and widespread mortality events among marine mammals, seabirds, fish and sharks are some of our top priorities. With your help, we can help preserve and renew marine life to ensure a healthier lagoon and planet.

Our organization is an independent, not-for-profit public charity with programs in scientific research, conservation and education. It is not an advocacy organization.