Dolphin Calving Season 2018

In the past few weeks, three well-known dolphins in our study area have given birth! The newborn dolphins are in good hands, as these mothers are extremely attentive and experienced. We look forward to watching them grow and can’t wait to see what surprises lie ahead as we move into calving season! Pictured here,TRIP, who is an excellent mom, for a long time kept all three of her calves with her (odd for a dolphin). Trips new calf is doing well. Note the dark coloration of the calf and the fetal folds (white stripes) which result from the calf being curled up in utero. These folds can last for up to a few months after a calf is born. As you can see in the second photo (just a few weeks later), the fetal folds are barely faint and the calf has grown significantly! We can’t wait to see these calves grow, sign up for our monthly newsletter and get updates on dolphins like this straight to your email!