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– Indian River Lagoon survey (2017-4-18)

Teams are out today in the final series of survey days to count dolphins in the Indian River Lagoon (IRL) along the east coast of Florida. Dolphins are photographed and identified by the shape of their fin. This study is the most comprehensive survey of IRL dolphins and is critically needed as this population has […]

– Where’s Rodeo? (2017-4-4)

Forget Waldo – where’s Rodeo? We responded to Rodeo when he stranded in June 2013 – he received expert care at SeaWorld Orlando’s rehabilitation center. In November 2013, Rodeo was released back into the Indian River Lagoon and we monitored his movements and health with a radio-transmitter. We saw him recently during a survey more […]

– April Fools! (2017-4-1)

Happy #AprilFoolsDay! One of the ocean pranksters we work with are Kogia whales – they’re the most common stranded live whale our Florida team helps. Kogia whales store ink in their large intestines and shoot it at predators, mainly sharks, to confuse them and make their escape. They are amazing creatures and most of what […]

– Semi-Annual Stranding Update (2017-2-27)

HSWRI Marine Stranding Team statistics for the six months ending January 2017

– Aerial Survey Update (2017-2-6)

Our Research Scientist Wendy Noke Durden recently published abundance estimates and trends from nearly a decade of aerial surveys of Indian River Lagoon bottlenose dolphins. The information we gather monitors the effects of ecological disturbances, unusual mortality events, and human impacts on this key species. We found that abundance estimates increased during extremely cold winter […]

– Entangled dolphin calf rescued (2017-1-18)

Yesterday we helped lead a multi-agency rescue of an entangled bottlenose dolphin calf in the Indian River Lagoon. The calf was badly entangled with fishing line embedded in her tail – we’d been following the calf and planning a rescue since she was first seen earlier this month. We’ll monitor the calf and her mother […]

-Air Force Reserve Command: Beached whale encounter leads Airman to SeaWorld volunteerism (2016-10-19)

By Maj. Cathleen Snow, 920th Rescue Wing Public Affairs / Published October 18, 2016 PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. — As an Air Force Reserve security forces Airman, Tech. Sgt. Bridget Gayden never imagined she’d be responding to help a sick mammal, however on Sept. 7, Gayden and fellow 920th Rescue Wing SF Airmen were called […]

– Stranding responses continue as we recover from Hurricane Matthew (2016-10-12)

Yesterday morning biologists at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station discovered a stranded dolphin calf alone on the shore. Despite dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew and displacement from our lab due to significant damage from the storm, HSWRI’s Marine Mammal Stranding Team rushed to the scene. A shallow pool was dug in the […]

– WOFL Fox 35: Rescuers could not save pygmy sperm whale (2016-9-27)

Link to video Screen shot of video

– Orlando Sentinal (AP): Pygmy whale found beached at Port Canaveral is euthanized (2016-9-27)

PORT CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — A female pygmy sperm whale found beached on the rocks in Central Florida has been euthanized. Florida Today reports that biologists had to kill the marine mammal on Monday because deep-diving whales don’t survive in captivity. Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute research scientist Wendy Noke Durden says rescuers can’t replicate the diet […]