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Dolphin Calving Season 2018 (2018-6-20)

In the past few weeks, three well-known dolphins in our study area have given birth! The newborn dolphins are in good hands, as these mothers are extremely attentive and experienced. We look forward to watching them grow and can’t wait to see what surprises lie ahead as we move into calving season! Pictured here,TRIP, who is an excellent mom, for a long […]

– Daytona Beach News Journal: Pygmy Sperm Whale Strands on Daytona Beach (2018-4-13)

  By Dinah Voyles Pulver / April 13, 2018 DAYTONA BEACH — A pygmy sperm whale, possibly suffering from heart disease, stranded itself on the beach just as the sun came up Friday morning. The whale was almost 10 feet long, said Wendy Noke, a marine mammal biologist with Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute…. Link to article PDF […]

– Essential Stranding Program Volunteers (2018-4-10)

We have a full house of volunteers over at our Melbourne Beach, Florida lab today! In Florida, volunteers help with a number of functions such as photo ID of dolphins in the Indian River Lagoon, which helps us identify known and new dolphins in order to track health and well-being; prepping of teeth for dolphin […]

– Humpback Whale Stranding (2018-2-1)

On Monday, HSWRI scientists were called to lead a multi-agency investigation into the stranding of a humpback whale that washed ashore on Sunday. The death of this whale is part of an Unusual Mortality Event (UME) happening in the North Atlantic. For more about the UME, please visit…/mmu…/2017humpbackatlanticume.html Large whale examinations are only possible with […]

– Elementary school mock stranding with HSWRI (2018-1-11)

One of our Florida research scientist’s Teresa, visited Ocean Breeze Elementary today and had students participate in a mock stranding. Students learned techniques on how to secure the area, treat the animal and why stranding response is needed! Thank you Ocean Breeze Elementary School for having us! To learn more about HSWRI’s stranding response team, […]

– Successful rescue of dolphin calf (2017-12-14)

Recently our Marine Mammal Stranding Team discovered a resident dolphin calf was entangled in marine debris wrapped tightly around its head. In consultation with NOAA Fisheries, the entanglement was deemed life-threatening and a rescue was planned. We’re pleased to report that this week the calf was successfully located and disentangled with the assistance of our […]

– WFME: Placards Posted to Save Indian River Dolphins (2017-8-18)

by Madeline Ninno (WMFE)          / August 18, 2017 Biologists are posting hundreds of signs on the seawalls of the Indian River Lagoon in an effort to save dolphins. The placards caution visitors not to feed the dolphins or discard fishing gear in the lagoon. The placards, which have been used in other coastal areas, have […]

– Orlando Sentinel: Dolphin dangers on rise in Brevard County’s Indian River (2017-8-17)

By Kevin Spear / August 17, 2017 Biologists are gluing hundreds of placards to the tops of seawalls this week in Brevard and Volusia counties that caution anglers and boaters not to feed dolphins or discard fishing gear into their coastal environment. “An entanglement [with fishing line] can act as a knife that can cut […]

– WOFL Fox 35: 500 placards warn of dolphin endangerment across Indian River Lagoon (2017-8-17)

By: Derrol Nail Posted: Aug 17 2017 08:59PM EDT BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – From her fishing spot at Kelly Park, Katie Orcutt has seen dolphins tangled up in fishing line. “It’s absolutely devastating that people’s negligence leads to the harming of something so amazing as a dolphin,” said the Merritt Island resident. NOAA […]

– Disentangling a Dolphin Calf (2017-7-17)

  This dolphin calf was sighted with a rope through his mouth and around his body. After successful disentanglement with help from HSWRI, the calf and mother swam off together.