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– Spring 2012 Newsletter (2012-7-19)

The Spring 2012 Fins & Flukes newsletter reports on a young bottlenose dolphin successfully dis-entangled from a crab pot line and two separate incidents of dolphin’s entangled in fishing line. Volume_7-1_Spring_2012

– Summer 2011 Newsletter (2011-8-19)

Our Summer 2001 Fins & Flukes newsletter features an article about HSWRI employee, Teresa Mazza, who was the first scientist to respond to the injured dolphin, Winter, the star of the movie, “A Dolphin’s Tale.” We also sadly reported that RIO, a dolphin that entangled in fishing gear at least 8 known times, was found […]

– Winter 2011 Newsletter (2011-2-19)

Our winter 2011 Fins & Flukes newsletter talks about an orphaned dolphin calf rescued in December 2010 and an unusual dolphin death caused by asphyxiation because of an eel in the dolphin’s blow hole. Volume_6-2_Winter_2011

– Spring 2010 Newsletter (2010-6-9)

Our spring 2010 Fins & Flukes ¬†newsletter talks about another entanglement of RIO, a dolphin that first became entangled in fishing gear in 2008.¬† There is also an article on the stranding team’s new boat. Volume_5-4_Spring_2010