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Dolphin Calving Season 2018 (2018-6-20)

In the past few weeks, three well-known dolphins in our study area have given birth! The newborn dolphins are in good hands, as these mothers are extremely attentive and experienced. We look forward to watching them grow and can’t wait to see what surprises lie ahead as we move into calving season! Pictured here,TRIP, who is an excellent mom, for a long […]

– Spring 2018 Newsletter (2018-4-13)

The Spring 2018 Fins & Flukes newsletter is now available! Click here for the latest news: Fins-and-Flukes-Spring-2018

– Spring 2017 Newsletter (2017-3-2)

The spring issue of Fins & Flukes is here! Read about our Marine Mammal Stranding Team’s work last year and our plans for the future. As of today we’ve already responded to six dolphins and whales in 2017. Fins and Flukes – Spring 2017

– Spring 2016 Newsletter (2016-5-31)

Fins & Flukes Spring 2016 This issue includes updates on rescued animals, information on pantropical spotted dolphins, and more information on a stranded pygmy sperm whale.

– Spring 2015 Newsletter (2015-7-16)

Read the latest stranding news in HSWRI’s Fins & Flukes newsletter for Spring 2015. This newsletter includes articles on a couple of successful dolphin entanglement rescues and an unusual sperm whale calf stranding, along with updates and summaries of other stranding team activities. Here’s the link: Fins & Flukes – Spring 2015

– Fall 2014 Newsletter (2014-10-25)

This issue of Fins & Flukes highlights HSWRI stranding team activity in 2013 and 2014. Last year was, sadly, a record-breaking year for our team as they responded to 132 animals in Brevard and Volusia counties. Unfortunately, this year we are encountering morbilivirus in the Indian River Lagoon which has resulted in several dolphin deaths. […]

– Spring 2014 Newsletter (2014-6-19)

The spring 2014 Fins & Flukes newsletter reports on a dolphins, stranded in June 2013, which was successfully released back into the wild in November 2013. There is also an article on the successful dis-entanglement of a dolphin from a crab pot rope and an updated on the record number of dolphin deaths in the […]

– Fall 2013 Newsletter (2013-10-19)

The fall 2013 Fins & Flukes newsletter reports on a dolphin Unusual Mortality Event in the Indian River Lagoon, with year-to-date deaths at twice the historical mean. The newsletter also highlights the continued support of marine stranding work by the John H.  Prescott Grant Program, which is awarded by the National Marine Fisheries service. HSWRI has received […]

– Fall 2012 Newsletter (2013-3-19)

This issued of Fins & Flukes features the successful rescue of a dolphin near the Port Canaveral Locks and the rare stranding of a false killer whale  in Volusia County. Volume_7-3_Winter_2013

– Summer 2012 Newsletter (2012-8-19)

The summer Fins & Flukes newsletter discusses a successfully rescued newborn dolphin and an updated on an entangled dolphin reported in the prior newsletter. There is also a report on a live Risso dolphin found stranded on the beach that was rescued successfully. Volume_7-2_Summer-2012